Casey's - 32 ON HGH

Casey's - 32 ON HGH

, by Alfa Rein, 3 min reading time

"You know when you see a car online and you think, wow that's really nice and then realise, damn the car is from another state. Then you go about your day, attend a secret meet and boom there it is the same car you've been seeing online and now its right in front of you. Seeing this car in person, my jaw dropped,
I went up to what seemed like the owner of the car and told him his R32 was my favourite car at the meet.

And now here it is, introducing Casey's R32 ON HGH" - Alfa Rein

  • Tell us about your car, what it is, how long you had it for and why you bought it? 

    1992 R32 Nissan skyline GTST

    A skyline was my childhood dream car, I’ve owned it for 11 years in November. Came across it parked in a driveway and I knocked and asked if they would be interested in selling it. They said yes; $3500. Off to the bank I went, got cash out and went straight back and drove it home. Didn’t even check over the car I just bought it with excitement!

  • Your wheels look amazing, for those that don't know, can you tell us a brief history of the wheels you have on the car and why they're so rare? if you don't mind sharing, how much did the wheels costs you? 

    The wheels are NISMO LMGT2. 

    Just had the opportunity to purchase the wheels at a reasonable price and wanted to change it up from the bronze work miesters I had for years. What I paid is a secret incase I decide to sell in the near future!

  • Which mod were you happy with the most and why? Everything to do with being a turbo car. The power, response and the external gate sound. Always puts a smile on anyones face!
  • Can you share with us some performance figures, like power it makes etc? 

    The car has a built forged motor, won’t get into detail but it’s reliable and can handle a thrashing. It’s currently on 32psi with 520RWKW/700HP. I have just built another head for it. Solid Rb25 head, shimless, VCT delete, 272 10.5m lift camshaft, race ported, honed  and race cut valves all being machined at Horsepower Junkie. The shop that assembles  the motor and does all my work is called Project Performance 

    Also tuned there to.(@pp.projectperformance)

  • What's next for your car? I don’t have another car in mind to buy after this. If I was to ever it would be a R32 GTR but I’ve come to far with this build also owned it for a long time! 

  • If you could give one piece of advice to someone who's new to the car modifying world, what would it be? To the younger generation wanting to take this path with a skyline. My advice would be, don’t take shortcuts, research ALOT before you decide what you wanna build and which direction you’re going to take. Also have money saved because the spending never ends and your car is never ‘finished’ or fast enough.



    • GTR bumper, lip, fenders bonnet lip and spoiler
    • JSAI AERO lip extensions front and side
    • TOPSECRET carbon fibre rear diffuser 
    • DMAX bonnet 
    • KMAK aero rear wide body
    • Carbon fibre roof spoiler painted KL0



    • GTR trim
    • Cusco half cage
    • Monkey brace across floor



    • Airflex management
      Airflex struts front and back
      Twin compressors



    • Rays NISMO LMGT2



    • PROJECT PERFORMANCE - @pp.projectperformance


    Photos by: OUSH MEDIA


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