, by Ryan Ordonez SHOW COVERAGE: STATUS CH. IV 10/12/22

    This was the 4th instalment of Status, and this time around, it's at a new venue at PICA (Port Melbourne Industrial Centre for the Arts). This...

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  • Ryan's - EVO VIII GSR

    , by Alfa Rein Ryan's - EVO VIII GSR

    "When we first released our TE37 THE WORLD Tee merch and posted on instagram, Ryan was one of the first few to respond "Yes!!!". He ended...

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  • Casey's - 32 ON HGH

    , by Alfa Rein Casey's - 32 ON HGH

    "You know when you see a car online and you think, wow that's really nice and then realise, damn the car is from another state....

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  • Vince's - C63S Darwin Pro & ICON Forged

    , by Alfa Rein Vince's - C63S Darwin Pro & ICON Forged

    "When I first met Vince, he said to me "I think I'm just going to get KW springs and some wheels." At first I didn't...

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  • Ray's - E92 M3

    , by Alfa Rein Ray's - E92 M3

    "When I started modifying cars, I remember staying up at night browsing forums to look for Indonesian modified cars. This was when I discovered Ray's BMW E46...

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  • Vanrith's - R34 GTR

    , by Alfa Rein Vanrith's - R34 GTR

    "I first met Van back when he had a white S15 with plates UDOORI, and what a car that was at the time, running static...

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  • Monica's - Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

    , by Alfa Rein Monica's - Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

    "I love black cars, and when I saw this car cruising around Castle Hill a couple of times, I thought "Thats a decent looking Civic...

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