Vanrith's - R34 GTR

Vanrith's - R34 GTR

, by Alfa Rein, 2 min reading time

"I first met Van back when he had a white S15 with plates UDOORI, and what a car that was at the time, running static and low to the ground with a nice set of CE28s.

If you know the man, you know he went through a lot of cars, like a lot. The good thing is now that he's settled down and runs his own business. Instead of selling one and buying another, he just buys and keeps them all. But today we're featuring his R34 GTR.

He's a man of very little words, but his actions speaks louder." - Alfa Rein

Tell us about your car, what it is, how long you had it for and why you bought it?
-R34 GTR, 2 years ago, bought it because I miss my other R34 GTR

Which mod were you happy with the most and why?
-Z tune bonnet and air duct

What's next for your car?

- A family van (Toyota Alphard)

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who's new to the car modifying world, what would it be?

- Get a GTR and don’t sell it

- Garrett G35-900
- turbo smart 45mm gate
-6 boost manifold
-custom dump pipe
-custom intake
-hks 4 inch mushroom pod filter
-hks intercooler kit
-hks oil cooler kit
-hks strut brace
-greddy boost controller
-hks 264 cams
-tomei timing belt
-tomei cam gears
-koyo radiator
-nismo competition twin plate clutch
-R35 GTR brake conversion 390mm fronts, 380mm rears
-twin GFB BOV’s
-HKS F Con pro
-nismo 740cc injectors
-ARP head studs
-tomei 1.2mm head gasket
-just Jap catch can
-lam speed 150amp alternator
-pit works belts

-Z tune bonnet
-Z tune air duct
-z tune front guards
-R tune style front bar
-z tune rear over fenders
-z tune style side skirts
-z tune style rear spats
-superior auto wing stands
-superior auto wing blade
-nismo style taillights
-quest Japan reverse and fog light
-nismo front and side indicators

-Nismo seat covers
-Nismo rear view mirror cover
-Nismo cluster
-Nismo titanium gear knob
-Mines steering wheel

-HKS coil overs

-Nismo LMGT 4 18x10.5+15 285.35 tyres


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