Vince's - C63S Darwin Pro & ICON Forged

Vince's - C63S Darwin Pro & ICON Forged

, by Alfa Rein, 2 min reading time

"When I first met Vince, he said to me "I think I'm just going to get KW springs and some wheels." At first I didn't want to break his heart and tell him what I think, so I let him be for a couple of days. Then we kept talking on WhatsApp and I finally had the guts to tell him. "Listen bro you need to stop playing, its either bags or nothing. If you get bags and wheels, I'll invite you to every meet and shows".

And the rest was history... let me introduce you to my #002 collaboration build. Vince's Mercedes C63S with Darwin Pro full body kit. (1st in Australia)" - Alfa Rein


  • Tell us about your car, what it is, how long you had it for and why you bought it? Mercedes C63S Coupe, had it for 2 years now. Everybody loves a V8 twin turbo!
  • Are you single? YES, need you to intro!



  • Which mod were you happy with the most and why? Airlift Performance, a feature that can transform a car to very stance also very practical at the same time.


  • What's next for your car? Exhaust
  • What do you look for in a girl? Down to earth type of girl.

  • If you could give one piece of advice to someone who's new to the car modifying world, what would it be? Stay humble
  • One day when you have a girlfriend and she says to you "you need to stop spending so much money on your car and stop hanging out with Alfa, what colour would you wrap your car to next? This question don’t make sense lol but I’d say YELLOW


Exterior: Full Darwin Pro Kit

Ambient lightings, Carbon with LED steering wheel

Airlift Performance

Icon Forged

Beat the Blue 2022 “Top Wheels/Suspension” Award

Workshop shoutouts please list them below: 
House of Stance, Auto Element, ICON Forged, REIN Garage

Link to all your socials: YZH_GARAGE



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